Double / Triple Money Plan

“Double/Triple Money” Plan
• Minimum deposit is Tk. 50,000/- and there is no limit for maximum amount.
• Account can be opened singly or jointly.
• Customer is eligible to open more than one account in the same branch.
• The deposit is doubled in 7 years 6 months for “Double Money”.
• The deposit is tripled in 11 years 6 months for “Triple Money”.
• For premature encashment no interest will be paid for the 1st year but for 2nd year and beyond 4% lower rate will be calculated before encashment.
• The depositor must nominate one or more persons as nominee. In case of death, the deposit proceeds will be paid to the nominee(s).
• The account shall be governed by the terms and conditions as contained herein and shall be subject to the laws of Bangladesh as applicable from time to time. BLI reserves the right to change rules as and when deemed necessary.
• Maturity value is an indicative figure. Tax/Excise duty will be deducted as per Govt. rules.
• Loan Advantage: The customer can avail loan up to 90% of the deposited principal amount. The rate of interest will be minimum 2.5% above the interest rate of deposit.