Green Banking

We are blessed by the Mother Nature with a beautiful planet and plethora of different forms of lives. Hence, we consider ourselves liable to the Mother Nature for nurturing every living beings of the planet. But the environment is degraded unplanned industrialization which is very common in Bangladesh. The key areas of environmental degradation are: air pollution, water pollution and scarcity, encroachment of rivers, improper disposal of industrial, medical and house-hold waste, deforestation etc. In addition, Bangladesh is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries. We have the responsibility of safeguarding the environment so we always appreciate investment on environment oriented technologies, projects, industries or business to minimize all these acts of environmental misconduct and pollution.

Areas of Green Finance:

Renewable Energy.
• Bio-Gas.
• Hydro-Power.
• Wind-Power.
• Solar energy.

Energy Efficiency.
• Auto sensor power switches assembly plant.
• Energy efficient improved cook stove.
• LED Bulb/tube manufacturing plant.
• LED Bulb/tube assembly plant.

Solid Waste Management.

Liquid waste management.
• Biological Effluent Treatment plant
• Conversion of Chemical ETP to Combination type (Chemical + Biological) type ETP.
• Waste Water Treatment Plant.
• Sewerage Water Treatment Plant.
• Alternative Energy.

Fire Burnt Brick.

Non Fire Block Brick.

Recycling & Recyclable Product.

Safety and Security of the Factory.

Green Industry.