SME Loan

Small and Medium Enterprises are the integral part of our economy. The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has been termed as the “engine of economic growth” for Bangladesh and contributing a large portion of the economy. SMEs have a significant role in employment generation, poverty reduction and overall economic growth, especially for a developing economy like ours. We intend to contribute our economy by facilitating Small and Medium Enterprises through SME loan. We offer financial assistance for manufacturing, trading and service oriented business for the SMEs.
Key Attributes:
1. Competitive interest rate.
2. Convenient and customer friendly loan processing system.
3. Dedicated customer service.
4. Loan processing at a shortest possible time.
5. Convenient repayment system.

Our offerings:
1. Term Finance.
2. Lease Finance
3. Working capital requirement
4. Work order finance
5. Factoring.
1. Age of business must be more than 2 years.
2. Entrepreneurs must have more than 4 years working experience in the related business.